Friday, May 31, 2019

In the story: The Cars They Drove in 1960!

Hey, look at these cool cars! I've never been to a car show, but it was fun seeing these cars. In the book, Noble Guardian, placed in 1960, the characters drove cars just like these. Hot shot, rich boyfriend, James William Kingswell, drives this so very cool, red, convertible Thunderbird! Yeah, right out of the movie, American Graffiti. Except this one is red. I don't think it was for sale, but the sign on the window said, "Look, Don't touch!" So, I didn't. But I took pictures seeing handsome JW in that car driving between the pages of my book. 

Allison Nethers, the heroine of Noble Guardian drives a fourteen year old 1948 Thriftmaster truck, similar to these pictures. She's been driving since she was fourteen. She can barely reach the pedals but she's thrilled to have wheels. 

Allison's rebellious brother, Kyle, disappeared for four years, in 1956 on a 1931 Indian 101 Scout, given to him by his grandfather. 

When he returns, he does it in style on a brand new 1960, Harley. 

James William's older brother BJ, Bobby Jay Kingswell, drives a fancy, new, red and black Cadillac convertible. 

 Dr. Stuart Nethers drives a four door 1959 Ford Fairlane Country Squire as a family car. 

 His vet truck was a plain black 1958 Apache Chevrolet Paneled truck.
Since the Nethers are visited by the police, I had to add a picture of the 1960's cop car. "Car 54 where are you?" Opps, dating myself. 

I'm not an expert on automobiles, years, and makes, so did the best I could to find the right pictures. Hope you enjoyed a tour of the old days with me!