Friday, May 31, 2019

In the story: Riding out of the Ring! 
In the story, Allison and James William take his show horses out of the arena for a trail ride but it doesn't go well for JW. 
I got the idea from my own experience when I took two of my horses, Zorro and Corey, on a field trip where there were no fences, no rings, no indoor. Zorro is in the red and Corey is in the blue, such beautiful animals. Zorro was so excited he became a megalodon horse, if there were such a thing. Usually, when I ride with him, I use leg, a lot of it. When out in this environment, I learned NO LEG! 
Some horses can go from ring to trail without a problem, some horses cannot. Some riders cannot as well. This was a whole new experience for me. Going up hills and down, trotting over an open field, and through the open sand. Once when trying to trot a large circle, Zorro broke into a canter. My trainer was screaming at me to halt him, but I'll tell you, I did it slowly. It was a lovely canter and I was having a blast. I loved it. At no time did I feel frightened. Boy, did I learn NO LEG! So did James William…