Saturday, August 28, 2021

In the Story: Horseshow Jumps

Vertical: Poles stacked on top of each other, with no spread or width. A straight upright jump.

Oxers: Sometimes called spreads are actually two verticals with a distance between them to make the jump wider than one verticals.

Square Oxer - both poles are set at the same height. COREY! yes, this is my horse going over a square oxer with my trainer. He looks great! 

Ascending Oxer or Ramped Oxer - each pole is higher than the previous.  Or the Descending Oxer, or a Offset Oxer, where the poles are lower than the previous.

Triple Bar Jumps: Are three vertical jumps together. The first rail is usually the lowest and the next higher and the last higher. Though looks imposing, it is an easier jump for the horse to make.

Liverpools: Are made to appear like a pool of water on the ground. In some cases, it is real water. In Noble Guardian, it is real water and James William seems to land in it every time. 

Combinations: are a group of fences, usually verticals and oxers. They are placed at close distances, usually one to two strides apart. This one is three verticals. 

Show jumping level ranges from 2'9" to 5'6" high.

Grand Prix jumping is 5'6" and over.